Gruindag Soil

Solucionamos Innovando
We solve Innovating

GRUINDAG SOIL® improves the fertility and structure of the soil, providing better aeration and moisture retention, making the nutrients more available in a way that improves the absorption capacity of these by the plant, as well as allowing an optimal development of the root system, guaranteeing the correct development and growth of plants.



Dose in Irrigation


Pumpkin, Zucchini, Melon, Cucumber and Watermelon 2-4 Apply high dose prior to transplant or direct seeding, repeat every 12 days to avoid salt accumulation.
Corn, Bean, Wheat, Sorghum 5
Potato, Chili, Tomato, Cucumber, Eggplant, Tomatillo 3-4 Apply 20 days after the transplant and repeat every 15 days as a program.
Celery, Broccoli and Cauliflower (Cruciferae in general) 3-4 Apply every 8 days as a program.
Flowers 4-5 Apply 20 days before regrowth stage to condition the soil
String bean, Chickpea, Pea and Broad Bean 4-5
Pineapple and Papaya 4-5 Apply before transplant and as a program every 20 days
Strawberries 4-5 After the transplant every 12-15 days to condition soil in the root bulb
Citrus, Apple, Peach, Mango and Avocado 4 Apply 15 days before flowering and repeat every 20 days during fruit growth
Raspberry, Cranberry, Blackberry 4-5 Apply in regrowth stage and flowering every 12 to 15 days