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One of the main challenges in modern agriculture is to produce more and better crops, while reducing the application of agrochemicals. In response to this trend, biological methods, based on organisms that naturally prevent the development of pests and diseases, which are called Biological Control Agents (ACB), represent an environmentally sustainable alternative.

Mexico is not the exception; Mexican agriculture has significantly increased the use of these CBAs in recent years because agricultural producers need to ensure the safety of their crops in the face of regulations that increasingly restrict the use of chemical pesticides. It is thus of vital economic and environmental importance that Mexican agriculture has more and better products that substitute, in an efficient and sustainable way, synthetic pesticides.

The use of biotechnological products and their evaluation within integrated technological schemes will help Mexican agriculture to achieve safe and healthy products. It will also allow farmers to offer high quality products without synthetic pesticide residues, which can be marketed at very attractive prices, both in the domestic and export markets