Solucionamos Innovando
We solve Innovating

In agriculture you should not only sow, irrigate and harvest fruits, but also take care of any insects or weather changes, because they are a threat to whole crops and could cause millions in losses.

There are some companies dedicated to the sale of products for the field, but these provide chemicals, fertilizers, massive production of fumigants, among others that are harmful to the crop.
However, at Gruindag International we focus on designing sustainable formulas tailored to the needs of each client.

For 12 years, our founders, Pedro Zarur and Armando Tortoledo, were clear since they began designing their business plan that the difference would be their added value.

Our company seeks to make products different from those manufactured by other companies, because each plant requires specialized food according to its characteristics, the salinity of the soil where it is grown, the temperature variations of the region, etc.

Our engineers and technicians go along with our clients in the following process:

  • Before sowing, they make a diagnosis disinfecting the soil
  • Already in the harvest, they provide food and fertilizers to the plant to bear fruit
  • In the post harvest, they will condition the land again

We have designed almost 3,000 products under four business lines:

  1. Agriculture. It represents 70% of our sales and our products are fumigants, fungicides and soil improvements, fertilizers, rooting, fattening, fruit ripening and performance activators, as well as chemical and biological products for the control of pests and diseases in crops.
  2. Industry. It includes defoamers, dispersants, descaling agents, fungicides, bactericides, corrosion inhibitors and sanitizers applicable in the oil, paper, paint, cement, textile, leather and industrial and recreational water treatment (swimming pools) industries. 70% of the pools in Mexico and Central America receive treatment with our products. In addition, Mexico’s nuclear plant in Laguna Verde treats its congenital water to cool the reactor our products.
  3. Modern channel. We supply self-service chains with products such as: liquid soaps, antibacterial gel and fertilizers for gardening.
  4. Food Safety.Disinfectants and liquid soaps for agricultural packaging, food industries, hospital and restaurants.

Also, we are entering our line to find solutions to the major problems of the sector.

Ecological accent

The agricultural products that we manufacture in Gruindag are 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, safe and healthy. We have more than 10 organic records with OMRI certification; and we are in process to certify more.

The other lines we have have this characteristic eco-friendly. Industrial soaps and lubricants are water based and do not use solvents. In the same way, they have developed products to disinfect from hands and fruits to cutting tools, shoes, packaging and transportation bands.

At Gruindag we maintain a philosophy of care and respect for the environment. Our six chemical plants in Cuautla, Morelos and our innovation center in Culiacán, Sinaloa, use as little as possible products that negatively impact the environment; We recycle water to avoid polluting the soil, we reuse containers and PET.

We try natural lighting and we do not emit gases into the atmosphere, because all machinery and equipment are electric.