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Espumante, Neutro Desengrasante

Product description:

  • ChemStation 8133 s a neutral concentrated cleaner formulated specifically for use as a degreaser with foam application. It is especially effective in applications such as: pre-rinse or wash with water under pressure.
  • ChemStation 8133 can be used to remove a wide range of dirt or contaminants present in aluminum, stainless steel, walls, floors, pipes and other hard to reach areas.
  • ChemStation 8133 can be applied manually, spray or automatic floor scrubbers.
  • Chemstation 8133 is a balanced mixture of biodegradable surfactants and alkaline compounds. It generates a moderate foam that allows it to be fixed to vertical surfaces and be easy to rinse.
  • When employed according to instructions, the 813 product is safe and conforms to USDA guidelines, as a general cleaning agent for all types of surfaces, or for use with steam or other mechanical cleaning mechanisms in meat processing plants, poultry and eggs that are under federal inspection.