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In May 2016, it was very unbalanced and unusual in terms of climate.

Although, the AP news agency reported torrential rains in Texas, with what the region went from droughts to floods. In India there was a heat wave that killed more than 1,800 people.

In Alaska, record temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius were reached. In addition, a pair of typhoons was reported at the top of the scale in the northeastern Pacific, as well as a drought in the eastern United States.

Climatologists attribute this crazy climate to a “stuck” jet stream, and periodic warming of the Central Pacific known as El Niño.

The climatic uncertainties generate risks of all kinds; and the economic one is not exempt, so whatever the causes, each one from his trench must consider actions to improve the planet.

At Gruindag we care about the environment and our solutions are designed to avoid the least impact on the environment.